About us

Star-Lac is an Israeli company, which develops paint products and polymer acrylic protection coating for the printing and art industry.

We believe in preserving the environment and in a healthy environment for the consumer, hence we chose to develop our products series as water-based ones and without any solvent materials.

The water based coating products field is mainly required for the interior design area, so it has been important for us to develop these products to meet both home and external environments needs.

This feature enormously advantages the Star-Lac products over the rest of the coating products currently available on the market and enables the usage and finish for products, such as digital printings on paper or canvas, as well as coatings for oil paintings or acrylic ones.

We have acted under the banner of providing our customers with high quality products and excellent finish, and therefore over the years, we have developed nanometer level additives such as, additives for preventing UV radiation effects, anti- abrasion additives, anti-fading and ones for improving the material flow and its expansion.

Another one of our developments is an anti mold and bacteria additive for paints and coatings materials such as, lacquers. This additive ensures the durability of the material in humidity conditions, which can encourage the creation of fungi and mold.

We will be happy to assist with any question or request via the email listed on the "Contact Us" web page.



Star-Lac  team.