Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions

During the spraying process, one must wear protective clothing, sealed goggles and a gas mask, since harmful substances might penetrate the lungs when inhaling the spraying fumes. This might cause irritation in the throat, eyes, and on the skin. It might also be harmful in absorption through the skin.


First Aid

In a case of contact with the eyes, immediately rinse them with water for at least 5 minutes and seek for professional medical care as soon as possible.

In a case of contact with the skin, immediately wash the affected area with soap and water before the material dries out.

In a case of swallowing, seek diagnosis and a proper medical care as soon as possible.

In a case of exposure to the spraying fumes through breathing, move to an area with clean and fresh air.

In case the varnish liquid touches the cloths, immediately wash the affected area of the cloths in hot water and soap.

Avoid the reach of children.


According to medical studies, misuse in the material through deliberate inhalation of it may be harmful or fatal and cause brain damage as well as damage to the nervous system. While working with the material in this tank – wear protective clothing, sealed goggles, a gas mask and gloves.

This container has to be kept closed to air exposure, prevent freezing of the liquid and avoid the reach of children