Satin varnish coating – for canvas prints

Star-Lac giclee Satin varnish has been specifically created to protect, preserve and enhance inkjet fine art prints. Our water based canvas Satin varnish is a perfect coating for inkjet canvas prints. Star-Lac Satin varnish will enhance the colour of pigmented and ultrachrome inks on your canvas prints and increase resistance to ink fading. It will give your images extra protection against moisture and abrasion over time. As a water based product Star-Lac varnish avoids the unpleasant smells given off by solvent based products.
Star-Lac Giclee varnish has been developed using the latest nano-tech resin technology. Our resins are composed of nano-particle sized structures which allow the exact custom formulation that produces all of the desirable attibutes required for a fine art inkjet print